Testament Winery

Testament Winery is Croatia’s first Swedish winery and the goal is to create Croatia’s best wine.

Testament Winery is located in Dalmatia, one of Croatia’s historical regions that covers a large part of the country’s coast towards the Adriatic Sea. Latitude is the same as Tuscany.

The vineyard is located on hills that slope down to the crystal blue sea. There is a constant breeze blowing either from the sea or the inland mountains. The soil is extremely barren and consists of over 80% pure limestone. You can be amazed that something can grow there at all.

But it is precisely the terroir – the limestone, the sea, the winds and the sun – that makes the testament’s local grapes taste like – Testament. The exquisite location also provides the opportunity to produce organic wines, which they are proud of.

The vineyard covers 50 hectares. They work exclusively with Dalmatian grapes because they want to offer wines that are something out of the ordinary.

To pay tribute to the Dalmatian region, Testament Winery has named one of their wines “The Dalmatian Dog”, and it is from that wine label that the wonderful grinning Dalmatian comes that we now sell various products with.

Read more about the vineyard and join “Testament Vänner” here.

Robert Karlsson, Testament Winery