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Welcome to the happy, smiling Dog’s Shop! Her you can purchase products with this wonderful Dalmatian dog on.

The Dalmatian Dog
What's the story about this happy dog then?

This happy, grinning Dalmatian actually origins from a wine bottle! It is the label on a wine named “The Dalmation Dog”. You can read more about this under the title “Testament Winery” in the menu.

We who started this webshop loved the image so much and think it really captures the Dalmatians look and happy grin that we asked the winery for permission to sell products with it on. And we are very happy to say that we now have it 🙂

The artist behind the picture is Henrik Schreiber. He was inspired by the Dalmatian’s nice smile and we at the Dogs Shop think he has captured it in an extraordinary way.

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Cheaper shipping also outside Sweden

Cheaper shipping also outside Sweden

Now we have better shipping agreements outside Sweden as well, so now everyone who lives within the EU can shop The Dog products without having to pay expensive shipping!

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